Friday, December 4, 2009

“Holiday Traditions – The Glue !” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

Your family has it’s own unique traditions, silly or serious but still your tradition, you stand out and do things just a little different. Traditions are the glue that forms memories and holds your family together as a unit. Today, with much uncertainty in the world, and the economy forcing changes, traditions may also change, but the memories linger on. The followings are some traditions shared by others.

One lady shared that when the weather starts changing she starts making large batches of beef stew and chicken noodle soup and freezes them in dinner size portions so that during the holidays when time gets scarce she defrost whatever she needs.

Another shared that their family tradition is to have the elegant big Christmas meal on Christmas eve so that they can leisurely enjoy Christmas day. Munching on leftovers, consisting of cold turkey, home made breads, and desserts has become their Christmas day tradition.

Creativity inspired a young mother to use glitter to write each child’s name on a glass ornament with the year and use as a place card at their Christmas dinner turned into a tradition that provided ornaments that were carried into the children’s own homes as adults.

A busy mother with several children turned the necessity of spending quality time with her children instead of in the kitchen doing dishes into a tradition when she started using special holiday patterned paper plates, napkins and tablecloth for family get gatherings during the holiday.

Another utilized Santa stocking to hide not little presents but to fill with Christmas breakfast goodies to snack on during the opening of presents ! This creative mother filled her children’s stockings with boxes of juice, fruit, nuts and rolls, with each family member’s favorite as a gift from Santa That way all could enjoy the time around the tree on Christmas morning.

All during the Christmas season for school and work lunches this creative mother shared with us she packs lunch in a pretty holiday colored sack, folds down the top and uses a hole puncher to create a spot to stick a candy cane through to secure the closing of the bag. Whatever you do, have fun, keep the spirit of giving from the heart.

Spectrum Resources provides counseling in debt, credit and home ownership. It’s not what you make, it’s what you do with what you make, that… what makes the difference. The holidays can be special by making it special with your own tradition.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Happy Thanksgiving!"
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Friday, November 20, 2009

"OVERDRAFT FEES - My 2 Cents Won't Cover Them" Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

In one of our other blogs: I have been writing about the humble beginnings of the credit card industry. Back when they were knocking on merchants doors soliciting their participation in this new marketing idea to expand merchant's clientele. The 3 progressive articles bring you to an era that is recognized and felt by many across the globe, the invention of the DEBT CARD ! Of course, by design this little product is really in place to take advantage of the banking industry’s real money maker – OVERDRAFT FEES !

Introduced to the consumer as a ‘convenience’, you no longer had to tug around that huge monster the ‘check register’, you could simply take out the little card that is conveniently tucked away and swipe just like a credit card, but you ‘assumed’ like your checks, if there was no money, the debit card didn’t work, you THOUGHT you were safe and probably saving money. However, in creative marketing, once bankers got you hooked on the convenience they switched the deal and once again provided you with another ‘convenience’ called 'override protection'.

This time, when you used the debit card, even if there was no money in your checking account, the card cleared, and you conveniently were able to take your merchandise home. However, in the mail the following month were OVERDRAFT FEES ! Yes, there is a price for convenience. There are no free rides, especially when you get close to any product that is promoted by banks, so why are you so surprised when you open the mail that carries your monthly statements ?

$24 BILLION dollars in 2008 was the cost to consumers for the ‘convenience’ of using the debit card ! The bankers knew when they introduced the debit card, that people would not take the responsibility for their decisions. They knew they had a ‘natural resource’ of funding and by reaping $24 Billion dollars in one year, I see they were right. Bankers struck the 'mother load' without lifting a shovel !

One suggestion as a preventive cure to overdraft fees is to put your debit card under a large paper clip INSIDE your check register. Take it out and use it, then write in the check register your purchase amount, and put the debit card back under the large paper clip and NOT someplace else in your purse or pocket !

The absolute best way to save money and prevent overdraft fees is to go on a CASH diet ! It's not crazy and in some far reaches of our nation there are people who still use CASH. That’s it – cold turkey – use ONLY CASH ! Don’t give into that ‘convenience’ of the auto deposit, auto debit, debit cards and the total cashless system. It is designed to take advantage of your human weakness. The cashless society that has evolved is totally detached from the realities of their money making decisions, that is until the bills come in. Consumers no longer see their assets physically deplete.

Be strong, take control of your money. Know when the total you have shrinks, and why. Know where your money goes and how much exactly is left. It is your responsibility as an adult to manage your money. When left to others, it will cost you, and no matter how careful you are, you are gambling on the odds that have proven to pay $24 Billion dollars to the banks, money that comes from the betters who lost !

Spectrum Resources will help you structure a plan that will enable you to live inside your income. Spectrum Resources counsels in debt, credit and home ownership providing education and options that empower people with skills that make a positive difference.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

“Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late !” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

You didn’t expect that you would be one of the employees included in the downsizing of your company. You didn’t expect that your large company would be experiencing cut backs or totally closing. The realities of today’s economy has hit good reliable trained employees right where it hurts the most – in the pocket book.

Or you may be one of the many people, who during the years of the ‘housing boom’ moved up with the purchase of a new home. Or you may be one of the many who got the ‘flippin’ bug’ after attending a HOW TO Real Estate seminar and purchased some ‘investment’ properties.

Whichever scenario that got you where you are today, you have discovered your budget no longer fits the current scenario. You maybe feeling the squeeze, or may have already missed a house payment or two. Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a counselor to find out what your options are. The faster you ask for help, the more options you will have !

You ALWAYS have options that can help, but the quicker you take positive action, the greater the odds of having positive outcomes. Seek professional help to learn about resources that can give you more time and even more options. A counselor will help you structure a plan based upon whatever money that you do have so you can get maximum use of it. A counselor will introduce you to trusted resources that have proven to get the end result you are seeking.

There are consumer laws such as TILA, and HOEPA in place to protect your rights. The federal Truth In Lending Act requires lenders to provide detailed information about credit transactions to borrowers. TILA also imposes liability on lenders when they fail to provide the information accurately or in the form required. The liability for a lender’s mistakes can pass through to the assignee, making the purchaser of the mortgage loan liable for mistakes by others.

Statutory liability under TILA when discovered through a mortgage audit, can give you power to negotiate terms that you can live comfortable with. It also can be used to claim actual damages, statutory damages, and attorney fees, compensating you for the lender’s infractions of the law.

These infractions either through TILA and/or HOEPA could assist you in stopping the foreclosure, and keeping your home. Also through being compensated for damages, you maybe able to regain financially some ground you had lost.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

“Credit Cards – Consider The Differences” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

As a trained and experienced credit risk assessment planner, when counseling with families I am always amazed how few people ever shop and compare credit cards when deciding upon entering a world designed to keep you on the hook for a minimum of 25 years.

People shop houses and give serious consideration to a 30 year loan. People shop cars and give serious consideration to a 10-15 year loan. But people DO NOT research the one thing that does the most damage to relationships, lives and cost the most in interest, the credit card !

Not all credit cards are the same, nor do they all treat their customers the same. And like wicked step parents, they certainly do not discipline their customers the same for late payments or other random acts of misconduct.

Good credit cards aren’t necessarily easy to find, especially these days. And the big boys in the industry may not offer them at all. If you would search the internet for ‘ credit card guide’ or 'credit card ratings’ or ‘comparison of credit cards’. You will be able to shop and compare to see which would actually be best for your lifestyle personal spending habits.

To protect yourself, it is essential to research the offers, conditions and terms. Remember: “The big print giveth, and the small print taketh away !” The best way to avoid traps is to pay your balance in full every month. However, it is wise to know the terms just in case you get into the position where you are not able to pay the full amount.

• You should watch out for rates that go up for no reason, the new law will help slow this down, but you still need to watch for it.
• The “Universal Default” is not your friend. For example, because you are late on your car insurance, they raise the interest rate on your credit card. Yes, I know, there is no connection, but through “Universal Default” credit cards can get by with it.
• Know exactly what fees are in store for you in case you default in any way.
• Know exactly what your grace period is, and understand they change things without notice.
• Know the ‘default rate’ which they will bump you to for the smallest infraction. And it isn’t cheap.

17 out of 22 credit card companies surveyed (77%) say they change terms at ANY TIME for ANY REASON ! July 2010, the game rules will change, many to your benefit. Remember the credit card companies know exactly what to charge for ignorance !

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Monday, November 2, 2009

“Why, What’s In It For Me ?” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

When someone recommended you to see a counselor in debt, credit and home ownership, you may have heard yourself mutter , “Why, what’s in it for me ?” If so, then consider the following features and benefits of consulting a counselor, because as you will discover, there is something in it for you.

Remember way back in 2007 when a 600 credit score was good ? Who would ever think that today, seeking advice from a credit risk assessment planner would be seen as a sign of being very wise ?

Remember when you could apply for loans and be treated like a king, and when the mail box was packed with credit card offers ? Now you need to have a high 700 score to be recognized as a MAYBE contender for a loan.

Today, unemployment is rising, and it’s the employer’s choice marketplace. Now if you have even a slight blemish on your credit report, you are told to move to the back of the line.

Today, if your house payment is too high sucking up most of your income and you want to refinance, but with a credit score that shows any infractions you would have a better chance sprouting wings and flying over the tree tops than getting a loan.

What is in it for you is that a credit risk assessment planner offers education that will empower you to make decisions that are more beneficial and options that increase the opportunities in achieving goals.

What is in it for you is that a credit risk assessment planner offers a ‘plan’ to prevent clients from experiencing future disasters such as foreclosure, drowning credit scores, late fees, raising interest rates, and the wrath of malicious third party creditors who slink out from their rocks.

What is in it for you is that a credit risk assessment planner offers professionalism. A trained counselor who specializes in credit, debt and home ownership, has access to the latest laws, actions and reactions in the credit industry. Also to your benefit, a counselor researches options and resources that will save you time, money and trouble.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

“How To Count The Ways - In Foreclosure Fraud” Lessons In Debt, Credit And Home Ownership

Foreclosures are still rising and families are still walking out of their homes leaving behind possessions, memories and taking only a broken heart and spirit. The housing industry hasn’t hit bottom yet, and is expected to continue dropping for at least the next two years. All of this is not news, however, there is also a growing awareness of the bank fraudulent acts and how home owners can defend themselves. Read on to learn which resources are necessary to help stay in a foreclosed home, and with the right legal defense team can also get compensated for damages.

Forensic auditing is absolutely a must conducted by a professional third party specialist who works directly with knowledgeable mortgage fraud defense attorneys. The key is knowing what the fraudulent acts are and most importantly how to defend the home owner against them using all the governing Federal laws in place to protect the consumer. This evidence is golden to a mortgage defense attorney and to you as a victim because the Federal laws are very specific about the damages you can claim as a victim.

A forensic audit examines all the paper work that came out of your purchase and closing documents. It’s a clerical search for math errors, and it’s also a search for the strict Federal laws governing mortgage and protecting consumer rights.

Spectrum Resources has invested over five years of research in an attempt to provide education to home owners, however, like many things, there are some people who has the ability to surround all of this legal mumble jumble and those could but don’t want to. They are the “Just Fix It !” people and count for many of the clients who turn to a ‘package deal’ of services. Spectrum Resources can help with resources that make a positive difference.

The most important thing is to establish a plan and stick with it. Find out which resources offer what options. Defining priorities and setting time limits on achieving certain goals. Foreclosure is a floater, meaning many things depend upon other people’s actions and reaction, therefore a home owner has to have clear goals yet be very flexible.

Spectrum Resources offers education and options and does not get paid from trusted referrals. Recently we discovered a program that offers experienced mortgage defense attorneys, a forensic audit services supported by a team of attorneys, and a money management software to make better use of whatever money they do have.

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